The Monster Marketplace is Saturday, September 24, 2016


2016 Vendors

To be a vendor, contact us at for more information!



Looking to have someone make you into a monster? You've come to the right place. Kreatures of the Night will be offering their horrific airbrushing services at the convention. Prices are - $10 for faces and any additional body work will have an 'up' charge but their prices are very reasonable. Just let them know what you want!



Anarchy Productions is an independent movie company that has operated in the Genesee County area for over 20 years. They specialize in low budget horror movies and are very proud of their roots and connection to the area.

"The rest of the world sees us as the "Murder Mitten" or the city with the bad water", says John A. Benjamin, owner of Anarchy Productions, "I think it's a shame that the spotlight never gets to shine on all the creativity and good that is happening here. Music, art and film are exploding but no one would ever know it outside of the area"

Anarchy Productions has a catalog of over twelve movies in its library, all made with local talent and material. Titles such as: Feeding Patterns, The Last Horror Movie, Prey, Victim Zero, The Executioner's Tale and its sequels have earned them fans around the world. From California to Israel, Anarchy Productions has learned that horror is a universal language!

Anarchy Productions is also very proud to be a part of this year's Monster Marketplace and wanted to take a moment and thank Chris Ringler and his staff for bringing something positive to our city.

See you in September...We have such sights to show you!



Dragon's Roost Press is the brainchild of author Michael Cieslak.  Their goal is to find the best speculative fiction authors and share their work with the public.  For more information, including submission periods, please visit



Hey my name is Jon. I own Goretastic toys and more, an online store. Horror has always been a passion of mine I'm a collector myself and have always wanted my own business. So i decided to live what i love. I am happy to be able to offer figures, collectibles and more at great prices for fellow horror lovers!



Synapse is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to releasing the obscure, the cult, and the utterly bizarre movies that we horror fans love so much. They are truly world renowned for the work they do on their home releases and have become legends at remastering older films to look their best. We are thrilled to welcome Synapse back again this year. 



Roger Scholz and his WICKED ILLUSTRATION are known equally for realistic and stylized drawings of horrors most iconic creatures both past and present. As well as his art career Roger Scholz has taken his passion to the screen as well as the director of the short film Meat Puppets. 



I'm Leslie, owner of Lydia's Vintage - Watching people connect with the jewelry I've made is the best;  I've been making jewelry for around 15 years now, and selling it for 6 years,  and so far its been an awesome journey that keeps evolving.  My booth will be fully stocked with a huge variety of bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and brooches, and as always, I'll be customizing jewelry on the spot.  



With an extensive background in design, Heather Wright has been handcrafting projects most of her life with a focus on journals in early 2007. Parched for change, she began making jewelry in early 2014 with simple ideas that grew into more elaborate designs incorporating her love for the Steampunk genre, nautical themes, and horror. In turn, she had developed a trademark style as a jewelry architect, always challenging herself to build each piece more unique than the last. This creative culmination and peaked public interest in her hometown of Flint, Michigan, led her to develop her newfound passion into a business. Thus, Scared Crow Steamworks was born.

Spirit animal: cephalopods. Inspiration: history and antiques. Favorite fictional character: Bender B. Rodriguez. Favorite creative mind: Tim Burton.

Scared Crow Steamworks recycles antique pocket watch parts, watch parts, and clock parts, incorporating them with modern elements, semi-precious stones, and a splash of edgy into their accessories. Each piece is absolutely unique, ensuring each outfit to be as exceptional as the next. Quality, attention to detail, and accountability are very important to their overall business model.




711 Entertainment has built a reputation on creating unique, fun, and low cost rock shows in the Genesee County area.

Please welcome 711 Entertainment to the show!




Pop. Of Zero is a production company that was started by filmmaker Matt Woodbury and Dennis Potvin. The 1st project, Haunted America became a huge cult hit and people from around the local film making community started to take notice. After 2 seasons Dennis and other member Mark Tilley moved away for other job opportunities, Matt continued to make movies, edit and star in different projects from other companies around Mid-Michigan.

Pop. Of Zero then focused on a meteorological legend, drawing inspiration from founder of Atomic Swan Films, Charles Shaver to help raise awareness to his local community, Matt tackled a documentary about the 1953 Beecher tornado entitled The Screaming Sky. The movie created a buzz throughout Michigan and was featured in all types of media including newspapers, radio and television and also received recognition from Film Con just from a trailer.

In just a few short years of existence, Pop. of Zero has made a name for themselves as a force of the indie filmmaking world.  Please come visit them and say hi they would like to hear from you, if not please visit their website at



Atomic Swan Films dedicated to making media in Michigan, about Michigan and for the good people of Michigan. We are the masterminds behind the cult web series Rats, the psychotic minds behind the comedy classics the Lady Bagels and Hillbilly Dynamite but yet we have a softer side by the way of Sugar Plum.



Every hundred years or so, the incubus Ragzdandelion takes human form and walks the Earth. This time it has taken on the guise of David Hanson, an artist who creates bizarre, weird, freaky and scary visuals in paintings, sketch cards, comic books and whatever else he can sink his black fingernails into. He has had artwork on display at The Art Fear in Flint,MI,along with the occasional Flint Art Walks, Zombie Walks, and The Flint Horror Con. He's also had works on display at The Damned Exhibit at The Tangent Gallery in Detroit, The Weekend of Horrors Art Ghoulery in L.A.,CA, Alternative Reality Comics in Las Vegas, NV and The Prominade Gallery in Anaheim,CA. He has also done sketch cards for Cryptozoic Entertainment and Contemporary Pin-Ups ,book covers for Fallon Sin's book "Etiam",created artwork for Viktor Aurelius' internet radio show "Lilith's Children" , The Sleazegrinde rSuper Rock Power Hour on WEMF and has had artwork published in Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine and is currently working on a self published book called RAGZ MAGAZINE which will feature his original characters Father Fear, The Critterwitch, Plazmo and Ragzdandelion in comic form.He will have books, original artwork, paintings,buttons,sketch cards and much much more available for sale. Get Your Wierd On with RAGZ!



Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers is a collective and compendium of writers, fans, and misshapen children all huddled together to share their love of Horror, Dark Fantasy, Sci-fi, True Crime, and the occasional Horotica. We love words to death.

Are you a writer? A fan of horror? So are we! Do you like being scared? So do we!

Let’s explore our mutual philias and phobias across the spectrum of prose, screenplays, poetry, art and photography. 

We want you here with us.  We’re already in there with you.



Steve Jencks is an illustrator and designer who specializes in 70’s and 80’s horror and cult film illustrations. He’s also owner and editor of the website Lost Highway where he gives his take on some of the best and worse b-cinema has had to offer.  Steve studied at Michigan State University and is a full time graphic and web designer. You can check out some of his work at




VernaJune Entertainment is a Flint Michigan based production

company started by Jeffrey Swerdan and is dedicated to producing

unique, creative and professional projects all while using the

wonderful state of Michigan as its backdrop.

VJE recently completed its second feature film entitled: BECOMING

THE REAPER, which is a dramatic horror film that follows Damien as

he embarks on a journey to become the new soul collecting Grim

Reaper. The movie features a cast of nearly a hundred up and

coming actors and is currently making its way through the film festival


VernaJune Ent. Is currently working on a few new projects including a

creepy Christmas movie entitled TANNENBAUM. TANNENBAUM is

based on a story by Flint horror legend: Chris Ringler and follows

Noel, a down on his luck single father, who will do anything to give his

daughter a Christmas, including venturing deep into the darkest

woods to beg a favor from the evil and mysterious Sisters Six.

With everything they do, VernaJune Ent. Is focused on helping

Michigan and its talent gain worldwide exposure in all areas of





Donald has worked on many things from comic books, film, magazines and poster art. His work has been seen in the pages of Horror Hound Magazine, Evilspeak Magazine, Deadworld and the comic book Lethal Lita. Recently he has done work on the Deadworld Soda labels, shirt designs for Rotten Cotton and Pallbearer Press and cover artist for Erie Tales.



Heather Schilling is a Michigan born illustrator who draws with a knife. For many years now her medium of choice has been scratchboard, a form of direct engraving. She uses both commercially produced and hand made boards to create 
various illustrations of the macabre.
With her boards she creates original characters from circus sideshows, a Halloween loving little girl, and octosapians. She is best known for her graceful and sophisticated skeletons.







Crystal Mielcarek is a contemporary painter and illustrator from Detroit, Michigan.  A graduate of the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in Illustration, she’s been included in more than 20 groups shows and 3 solos shows across the country. Currently residing in Hamtramck, Michigan, she works on freelance projects and shows her art in various galleries and many conventions. She generally works with acrylic on canvas panels, using childlike colors and pop culture themes alongside of sometimes-grotesque imagery.



Local oil painter whos work has appeared in Scarlet Film magazine, Monster Bash, Cover artist for Synapse Films. Classic Horrors has all your favorite monsters.



Currently the publisher of the Yakov Levi comics and Ed Woods cds and
Mondo Schlocko! dvd with more products coming soon.



After closing down his Monster King Productions 3 years ago, artist Stephen Vincent emerges from the shadows with his biggest launch of new material since. Armed with newly crafted skills and a new entity - The October Academy - Stephen has decided to make the Monster Marketplace the premiere venue to unleash his newest batch of creations. Keep your eyes on as it will soon be updated and featuring behind the scenes looks into the upcoming launch



Artist...wood, paper and canvas



If it walks but doesn't breathe we've got it covered! Zombie weapons, preparedness adn Haunting music and artwork. Unique items you won't find elsewhere!



We are a comic shop with 37 years in the business, and we've used those 37 years to accumulate the most eclectic blend of comics, toys and all around wierd stuff for your buying pleasure. Come on by and check out a wide array of comics, toys horror magazines and other and memorabilia that will make your brain swell!



Electronic Kitty - Handmade goth / rave clothing and accessories created by Rachel Rampage.





We are very happy to welcome back Mike Haynes and his wonderfully creepy still life photography.

"Still life photography started in 2009 during a vacation to Savannah Georgia where we discovered the most incredible cemetery. This inspired us to share the beauty of cemeteries around the country. I have included the link to our etsy shop."



 I recycle wine and alcohol bottles into night lights, oil lamps, incense burners, and lamps. I do special orders for that special occasion.



"Looking for that special baby to express yourself? Cuddly Creaturez is the place look! Custom, hand crafted creepy babies created from recycled baby dolls. Every adorably strange baby is a one of a kind collectible doll. Each doll is lovingly hand crafted, from the sculpting to the sewing of the outfits and costumes and comes with his or her own pet, birth certificate and is signed and numbered. Custom orders are always welcome!"



"My love for halloween,steampunk, and jewelry compelled me to start making my own jewelry. Everything is handcrafted by me and I do take requests for custom pieces. Can't wait to see everyone!"



 "I sell high quality, handmade metal decor. From horse shoe pumpkins and spider web shelf brackets to solid steel spiders and nail trees I can do it. I also make Halloween shepherd's hooks and other outside ornaments. I take custom orders and all ideas big or small are considered, I have the capabilities to do it all.

 I love all things Halloween and I have a great time making things for this awesome holiday. So please stop by and see what I have made or what I can make for you."



Uncommon Threads will be bringing their paintings, prints, sock creatures, cat toys, rice packs, notepads, and more upcycled and handmade goods to the show.