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The Ghoul Cast #68 - Just Talkin' 'Bout Horror

11/25/2017 11:25
Join Chris and Glen as they share the mics and rap about horror stuff.  You know, like cook people do.  Dig it.  The Ghoul Cast 68 

The Ghoul Cast #67

10/22/2017 12:47
Join Glen, Chris, and Paul as they spin brand new tales of terror just in time for Halloween.  Get comfortable, it's going to get creepy in here.  The Ghoul Cast -67 

The Ghoul Cast #66

10/22/2017 12:44
Wherein Paul, Chris, and Glen talk about their rules of the road for a Happy Halloween!    Ghoul Cast 66

The Ghoul Cast #65 - Remembering Tobe and Basil

09/16/2017 00:03
On this episode the lads talk about the careers of horror legends Tobe Hooper and Basil Gogos.  The Ghoul Cast -65 

The Ghoul Cast #64 - Adaptations

08/31/2017 21:13
Join Glen and Chris as they discuss adaptations.  And so forth.  The Ghoul Cast FINAL 64

The Ghoul Cast #63 - Remembering George Romero

07/29/2017 11:40
Join Chris, Paul, Lucifer, and Glen as we remember legendary filmmaker George Romero.   Ghoul Cast 63 FINAL.mp3 (16,9 MB)  

The Ghoul Cast #62 - The King Of Horror

07/17/2017 07:31
Join Glen, Chris, and Paul as they discuss all things Stephen King - the books, the films, and his lasting impact on the culture.   The Ghoul Cast FINAL 62

The Ghoul Cast #60 - Horror's Future

06/18/2017 20:07
Glen, Lucifer, Paul, and Chris discuss where they think horror is headed and where it should be going.

The Ghoul Cast #59 - Tales of the Bigfoot

05/13/2017 14:36
With the return of Luicfer to the podcast the ghouls decide to tell their own fictional tales of the Bigfoot.  Settle in for a chill.  The Ghoul Cast 59

The Ghoul Cast #57 - All About Evil

05/13/2017 14:32
Paul, Chris, and Lucifer talk about all things evil.  Ooooh, evil.  Scary.  Ghoul Cast 57 
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