2019 Agenda of Terror

- April 6 - April Ghoul's Day @ Flint Farmer's Market

- Early Summer - Mid-Michigan Master's of Horror Dinner

- Summer - Dark Art Show

- October 6- Flint Fright FilmFest 

- Winter - A Winter Chill - holiday ghost story event


More details to come!



Come to April Ghoul's Day! Our one day celebration of horror fiction and its creators!

10AM - 2:30PM @ the Flint Farmer's Market. 

Click the link for details!




Thanks for a fantastic 2018!

Here are our Flint Fright FilmFest Winners!


Marilyn Ringler Memorial Award - SWEETIE


Jon Cockerill Memorial Award - BLOODY SUNDAE


Charles Shaver Memorial Award - ACCEPTING ARMAGEDDON




Bradbury Award - LA BETE


Grand Ghoul Award - SWEETIE





(Art by Stephen Vincent of THE OCTOBER ACADEMY)



With our films announced. 
With our vendors announced. 
With our panels announce, now is the time to share the scares. 
You will find our creepy festival on Saturday, October 27 at Mott Community College in the Mott Memorial Building. 
We'll be in the Recital Hall on the first floor of the building and in a neighboring classroom. 
Find us from noon - 9PM with the evening culminating in an awards ceremony. 
Scare you soon!

Our film festival for its second year! For more information about all the fun. 


Event Page -



Check the links to the left for the dedicated Film Fest Pages! 


ARTE DELLA MORTE - dark art show

July 13, 2018
6PM - 9PM
Mainsail Collective - 432 S. Saginaw St. 


Join us for a day of fun at the Flint Farmer's Market on Saturday, April 7. This is a free event which is all about horror fiction and its creators. We will have several authors on hand happy to sell you your new favorite book. Along with authors we will have a creepy acoustic performance, a station for kiddos to do Monster Mad-Libs, a literary editor, and an artist selling a limited print made just for the event. 

Come out on and meet your new favorite author and spend the day with some like minded creepers. 



Saturday, April 7

Flint Farmer's Market - Ramsdell Community Room

11Am - 4PM

FREE to attend. 





As we look ahead to 2018 we have some plans in place for how the year looks. 

April will bring back APRIL GHOUL'S DAY, our freaky focus on horror authors. 

The Summer will bring an art and music show

October will bring the return of our Flint Fright FIlmFest. 

As we enter our seventh year we cannot wait to start putting things together for all of you. 

More soon!



Thank you all so much for a wonderful 2017. We had a blast and cannot thank you enough for your interest and support. We are already making plans for our seventh year of fun and weirdness. We will see you in 2018!






This April first the Flint Horror Collective will be all treats and no tricks and the only fools would be those that miss out on their APRIL GHOUL’S DAY event. APRIL GHOUL’S DAY is a celebration of all books weird and wonderful as we welcome over twenty authors to the Flint Farmer’s Market for a writer’s market. Visitors will be able to browse dozens of books, speak with the authors, and they can be inspired by the many people who have turned their passions into reality. You could even meet your new favorite author? If this wasn’t enough though we increase the creep factor at 3PM with a WEIRD LECTURE from renowned paranormal lecturer and investigator John E.L. Tenney. Mr. Tenney’s lectures are look behind the curtain of the world of the paranormal and its myths, lies, and terrifying truths and are a one man show of shivers.


APRIL GHOUL’S DAY is a free event that is fun for the whole freaky family as there will be books on hand that are just for the younger monsters among us.


We cannot wait to scare you on April 1 from Noon – 4PM at the Flint Farmer’s Market in the Community Room.



April 1, 2017

Noon – 4PM

Flint Farmer’s Market – Community Room







In 2011 a group of friends were just crazy enough to think that they could put together a horror convention in Flint, MI on a shoestring budget. To think that with very little seed money we could dare to create something that should cost several thousand dollars to create showed how naïve we were but it also was that sort of mindset that allowed us to do this thing for five years. If you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t. If you start focusing on how you’ll get nowhere. Sometimes you just have to do it and convince yourself that you’ll make it to where you’re heading.

That was our first of many lessons.

Over the course of six years and five conventions we have learned more than we can tell you about ourselves, about the support of our friends, and about our shared passion. We have met some of the most amazing people over these years and have been blessed by fans we never would have imagined existed to support a show like ours.

From the beginning we were dead set on a few things. 
We had to be low cost for fans. 
We had to be low cost for vendors. 
We had to be fun. 
We had to be family friendly. 
We had to have movies. 
And we had to be one day. 
The should had to be in Downtown Flint.

None of those things came easy because the nature of putting a convention together is that it is always on roller skates and ever-evolving but we stuck to our principles. This was a show about the fans and the vendors, not about us, which is why we tended to keep to the shadows when putting things together. We love what we do but too many people make their convention or show about themselves, about their brand and personality and ego and that’s not what we’re about. We all have other things going on and this just something we all work together on doing. When the focus is on you and not the show it says something about the people running things and where their interests lay. It’s that simple.

When we took a year off in 2015 there was a lot of talk about what came next. We were low on funds, we had taken a huge morale hit after a rough 2014 and we weren’t sure that the support was there for the show. We had a meeting and talked it over and decided that we wanted to keep going. We would create a smaller show, a Monster Marketplace that would stick to the same ideals of the Flint Horror Con but with a lower budget. It meant a lot of sacrifices but we believe in this idea and the people who support us and wanted to give it another try. We had a blast this year, despite the usual venue stress that seemed to plague us since the beginning, and are happy that we chose to do another convention. It has always been a pleasure to see the people who have supported and believed in us and we can never thank all of you that have been a part of this enough.

In 2011 there was a dream, $800, and a group of friends with some connections and a lot of guts. 
Today we are a bigger group with new faces and a network of connections that we can call friends and co-conspirators and who have been there every step of the way. 
After taking a long and hard look at things we have realized that it’s time to move away from conventions. We love doing them and wish we could have really put what we all had in our heads together for all of you but the simple fact is that it’s time to move on. 
We have always had trouble with funding and we just don’t make the sort of money as a convention to push forward and it’s irresponsible as individuals to keep putting our money into this. A sad truth has also become clear to us that this area doesn’t have the interest in what we’ve been doing that we had hoped and we’re unwilling to sacrifice our principles to become a different show.
None of us wants to admit it but it’s time to just face that our convention days are over. 
We had a wonderful run, we made friends, we helped promote indie filmmakers, we brought celebrities into town that would never have come here otherwise, we helped artists and creators find new fans and meet new contacts, we promoted this area and it’s creatives, and we had a hell of a time during all of it. The time has come to move on though.

BUT…while there will be no more conventions this is not the end of the FHC Ghoul Crew.

We still are doing our Ghoul Cast podcast every two weeks – we just put out episode 48! 
We are still looking to do free and low cost horror events. 
We are still looking to make an impact and make a difference.

We have no idea what the future looks like for us or what it holds but we can promise you that it’ll be weird and it’ll be fun. We have always been about more than just the convention – we are art shows, music showcases, movies in the park, movies in a bar, workshops, author discussions, and more, and we’ll remain all of that. While the convention was always the big focus, it was not our only focus. We got to where we are through the hard work of people who are no longer with the group, with the friendships and partnerships we cultivated over these years, and finally by the sponsorship of a few folks that stuck with us through it all.

We can never thank any of you enough for your support, your belief, and your championing of what we do and of our little convention. The world needs more small conventions, not less. The scene has been overrun by large, faceless shows with lots of stars but no personality and no community connection. It’s our small hope that we brought a little chaos to the scene and we hope that one of you may someday take the embers of what we created and create something of your own that will raise a little hell.

This is not the end but a hard re-boot and we’ll most definitely see you on the other side.

We are, The Flint Horror Collective Ghoul Crew - 
Chris Ringler
Amanda Ringler
Glen Birdsall
Jennifer Roe
Amy Warner
Paul Counelis
Lucifer Fulci

(FORMER MEMBERS of the Ghoul Crew)
Justin Zeglevski
Stephen Vincent
Geary Roe
David Short
Nolan Darch
Laura Darch
Dean Vanderkolk





New guests added. New vendors added. More details to add, add, add. 

Stay tuned for all the details!

Get your tickets HERE!






JUNE 25, 2016

Kearsley Park, Flint, MI

Dusk - 11PM


Join us for a FREE celebration of the American Drive-In as we show a film under the stars. Bring a blanket, bring a chair, bring the family for a ghoulishly good evening of watching movies on the grass in the park. 

We will be showing Christopher R. Mihm's ATTACK OF THE MOON ZOMBIES! 

For more info head to the link below!








Saturday, September 24, 2016 we will return with THE MONSTER MARKETPLACE. 

Join us for one day of inexpensive family fun that will put you in the mood for Halloween. Guests, vendors, music, movies, contests and more, and all in Downtown Flint. 

We will have vendors, guests, short films, costume contests, two sentence horror story contest, music, and more. 

The Marketplace will run from Noon - 9PM with a free after party (21 and over only) just two blocks down the street at Churchill's. 

Stay tuned for more announcements!

Scare you soon. 




One of our new endeavors will be a podcast we will do periodically. We don't have any intention on being the same thing that others are, we're too weird for that, but we have some fun plans. We just put our first episode up, check it out. Check our links to the Ghoul Cast page on the site to download episodes. 



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