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The Ghoul Cast #78

11/09/2018 22:01
Join Chris, Lucifer, and Paul for a late season shiver in their third annual horror story tribute to their favorite holiday.  GHOUL CAST 78.mp3

The Ghoul Cast #77

11/09/2018 21:57
Join Amanda and Krystle as they talk about bad-ass women in horror.  The Ghoul Cast Episode 77 

The Ghoul Cast #74

04/23/2018 14:33
Join Chris and Glen as they gather around the mics and talk about controversial horror films.  The Ghoul Cast 74

The Ghoul Cast #72

02/16/2018 21:22
The topic of isolation has become a familiar one in horror and science fiction and we delve deep into the films that give us the willies by making us feel so very alone.    Ghoul Cast 72

The Ghoul Cast #71- Horror Awards Season

02/02/2018 22:00
Join the lads as they talk about horror movies and the major awards season.  You may laugh.  You will cry.  You will regret life choices.  See you on the other side.    The Ghoul Cast -71

The Ghoul Cast #70 - Alien Abductions A'Poppin'

01/28/2018 10:00
Join Krystle, Chris, and Mandie as they go on an epic adventure into the world of alien abductions in films.  WILL THEY SURVIVE? Spoiler - They do.  The Ghoul Cast -70

The Ghoul Cast #69 - 2017 Horror Films

12/22/2017 11:07
Join elves Chris, Glen, and Paul as they sit around the old pyre and talk about their favorite horror from 2017.  Movies mostly.  And some other junk.  So, the usual.  The Ghoul Cast -69 fhcghoulcast@gmail.comJoin elves Chris, Glen, and Paul as they sit around the old pyre...

The Ghoul Cast #68 - Just Talkin' 'Bout Horror

11/25/2017 11:25
Join Chris and Glen as they share the mics and rap about horror stuff.  You know, like cook people do.  Dig it.  The Ghoul Cast 68 

The Ghoul Cast #67

10/22/2017 12:47
Join Glen, Chris, and Paul as they spin brand new tales of terror just in time for Halloween.  Get comfortable, it's going to get creepy in here.  The Ghoul Cast -67 

The Ghoul Cast #66

10/22/2017 12:44
Wherein Paul, Chris, and Glen talk about their rules of the road for a Happy Halloween!    Ghoul Cast 66
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