Once Upon A Time...

07/16/2019 13:56

Since 2011 the Flint Horror Collective has been a group of friends focused on bringing affordable horror-themed events to Flint, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. Over the course of those years we have done a LOT of events. 

As you can see from the images we've definitely done a wide range of events. 


2011 - Flint Horror Convention

2012 Flint Horror Convention

2013 Flint Horror Convention

2014 Flint Horror Convention

2016 The Monster Marketplace

2017 Flint Fright FilmFest

2018 Flint Fright FilmFest

2019 Flint Fright FilmFest

Between all of the conventions and film festivals we have - 
Shown Films in Kearsley Park in Flint
Have welcome authors into Flint for April Ghoul's Day
Have had a paranormal lecture from John Tenney
Held dark art shows
Have held concerts
Have had movie nights
Have done horror readings
More than anything else though we have welcomed anyone that was interested to come out and have fun. We have taken chances that didn't pay off, we have taken risks that didn't fully succeed, but time and again we have worked to create fun and inexpensive events for this community and have been doing that for many years now. 
If you take a look you can see where we've been but it's where we're headed that holds the most promise. 
We'll see you there.