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The Ghoul Cast #65 - Remembering Tobe and Basil

09/16/2017 00:03
On this episode the lads talk about the careers of horror legends Tobe Hooper and Basil Gogos.  The Ghoul Cast -65 

The Ghoul Cast #64 - Adaptations

08/31/2017 21:13
Join Glen and Chris as they discuss adaptations.  And so forth.  The Ghoul Cast FINAL 64

The Ghoul Cast #63 - Remembering George Romero

07/29/2017 11:40
Join Chris, Paul, Lucifer, and Glen as we remember legendary filmmaker George Romero.   Ghoul Cast 63 FINAL.mp3 (16,9 MB)  

The Ghoul Cast #62 - The King Of Horror

07/17/2017 07:31
Join Glen, Chris, and Paul as they discuss all things Stephen King - the books, the films, and his lasting impact on the culture.   The Ghoul Cast FINAL 62

The Ghoul Cast #60 - Horror's Future

06/18/2017 20:07
Glen, Lucifer, Paul, and Chris discuss where they think horror is headed and where it should be going.

The Ghoul Cast #59 - Tales of the Bigfoot

05/13/2017 14:36
With the return of Luicfer to the podcast the ghouls decide to tell their own fictional tales of the Bigfoot.  Settle in for a chill.  The Ghoul Cast 59

The Ghoul Cast #57 - All About Evil

05/13/2017 14:32
Paul, Chris, and Lucifer talk about all things evil.  Ooooh, evil.  Scary.  Ghoul Cast 57 

Ghoul Cast Special - Live from the Flint Comix Con

05/13/2017 14:30
Join Paul and Chris as they wax poetic about all things weird during the Flint Comix Convention 2017.  Ghoul Cast Comix Con Special 2017

The Ghoul Cast #58 - Trilogy of Terror

05/10/2017 11:00
Chris, Paul, and Glen gather around the mics and discuss three random topics that are on their minds and thus, magic and terror are born.  You'll laugh, you'll shake your head, and you'll wonder where the time went.  Join us, won't you? Ghoul Cast 58

Ghoul Cast #56 - The Atomic Age of Sci Fi

03/04/2017 18:49
Paul and Chris talk all things Atomic Age with this podcast about giant monsters, space men, and the invader within.  Ghoul Cast 56 
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