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The Ghoul Cast #88 - Halloween Stories 2019

10/30/2019 20:50
Join Chris, Lucifer, Paul, and Glen for our annual Halloween story extravaganza.  Ghoul Cast -88

Ghoul Cast Episode 87 - Murderous Women In Folklore

10/27/2019 21:40
In which the Mandie, Krystle, and Courtney discuss three murderous women from history and the folklore that was created around them.    Ghoul Cast 87

The Ghoul Cast Episode 86

09/21/2019 08:28
In which Paul, Chris, and Glen talk about their beliefs in the paranormal.  The Ghoul Cast 86

The Ghoul Cast Episode #85 - Topical Horror

08/07/2019 21:59
In which Glen, Paul, and Chris talk about horror taking on the Big Issues.    Ghoul Cast 85

Once Upon A Time...

07/16/2019 13:56
Since 2011 the Flint Horror Collective has been a group of friends focused on bringing affordable horror-themed events to Flint, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. Over the course of those years we have done a LOT of events.    As you can see from the images we've definitely done a...

The Ghoul Cast Episode 84 - Documenting Horror

07/06/2019 09:44
In which the ghouls discuss documenting horror films and the way we examine them.  The Ghoul Cast Ep 84

The Ghoul Cast Ep. 83 - Kaiju!

05/24/2019 22:51
In which we talk about our love of giant monsters! GHoul Cast Ep 83

The Ghoul Cast Episode 82 - Elevated Horror

04/05/2019 21:27
In which Paul, Glen, and Chris talk about elevated horror movies and crack a lot of sassy jokes.  DIg on it.  Ghoul Cast 82

The Ghoul Cast #81

03/16/2019 09:57
  Join Chris and Glen for a lively discussion about the end of the world and the many faces it wears.  (Fair warning, Chris' mic is echoey but th ediscussion seemed worth that distraction).   Ghoul Cast 81

Ghoul Cast Special 2019 - 2

02/15/2019 11:16
Join Paul as he moderates a filmmaking panel with directors Ryan D. Blazic, Thomas Berdinski, and actress Angela DeGarmo.    Ghoul Cast Special 2019 -2
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