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The Ghoul Cast Episode 91 - Fave Films 2019

12/21/2019 09:09
In which Chris, Glen, and Paul talk about their favorite horror of 2019.    The Ghoul Cast Ep91

The Ghoul Cast Episode 90 - A Winter Chill

12/16/2019 10:05
The Ghoul Cast Ep 90 This was recorded on December 15, 2019 and was a night of seasonal ghost stories told during our event A WINTER CHILL.    Readers -  Paul Counelis Cecil Neighbarger David Mark Stashko Glen Birdsall Chris Ringler Michael Cieslak Josh Davis    

The Ghoul Cast Episode 89 - 2019 Turkeys

11/29/2019 22:57
In which Lucifer, Chris, Paul, and Glen talk about the bad horror films of 2019.  The Ghoul Cast 89

The Ghoul Cast #88 - Halloween Stories 2019

10/30/2019 20:50
Join Chris, Lucifer, Paul, and Glen for our annual Halloween story extravaganza.  Ghoul Cast -88

Ghoul Cast Episode 87 - Murderous Women In Folklore

10/27/2019 21:40
In which the Mandie, Krystle, and Courtney discuss three murderous women from history and the folklore that was created around them.    Ghoul Cast 87

The Ghoul Cast Episode 86

09/21/2019 08:28
In which Paul, Chris, and Glen talk about their beliefs in the paranormal.  The Ghoul Cast 86

The Ghoul Cast Episode #85 - Topical Horror

08/07/2019 21:59
In which Glen, Paul, and Chris talk about horror taking on the Big Issues.    Ghoul Cast 85

Once Upon A Time...

07/16/2019 13:56
Since 2011 the Flint Horror Collective has been a group of friends focused on bringing affordable horror-themed events to Flint, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. Over the course of those years we have done a LOT of events.    As you can see from the images we've definitely done a...

The Ghoul Cast Episode 84 - Documenting Horror

07/06/2019 09:44
In which the ghouls discuss documenting horror films and the way we examine them.  The Ghoul Cast Ep 84

The Ghoul Cast Ep. 83 - Kaiju!

05/24/2019 22:51
In which we talk about our love of giant monsters! GHoul Cast Ep 83
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